Keystroke Spy - record all keystrokes on your PC!

Keystroke Spy records EVERY keystroke!

Keystroke Spy is a state-of-the-art keystroke logging software that will record every keystroke users have typed on your PC or Mac in total stealth!

With Keystroke Spy installed you can record websites, emails, passwords, documents, and anything else that is typed on your computer!  All activity logs are emailed to you and instant email alerts can be sent when specific keywords or phrases you set are typed on the computer!
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for Windows and Macintosh OS!
Keystroke Spy for Windows
Keystroke Spy is an advanced keystroke spy software which records every keystroke typed on the computer you are monitoring - by all users!  This enables you to record chats, emails, websites, searches, usernames, passwords, and much more.  Anything typed on the computer will be recorded.

Additional power features include screenshot capturing which will record screenshots of the actual desktop in use as well as keyword alerts which will immediately notify you via email if specific words or phrases you specify are typed on the computer such as a childs name, address, phone, etc.

To top it off... Keystroke Spy will email you activity logs so you can view reports remotely from another room, at work, or across the world from any device capable of receiving emails!
Keystroke Spy for WindowsKeystroke Spy for MacintoshBuy Now
• Logs all keystrokes typed
• Logs document & file activity
• Logs email activity & usage
• Logs application activity & usage
• Logs websites & internet usage
• Logs chat & messaging activity
• Logs username & passwords
• Logs social networking activity
• Screenshot recording of activity
• Email delivery of activity logs
• Application specific recording
• Keyword phrase alerts